Electrical functions

1. I have a pushbutton control: how does it work and what does which push-button or button stand for?

We have compiled descriptions of the push-button control functionality here.

2. How do I restart the system?

Like a computer, the sofa system can often benefit from being restarted. You should always do this whenever the convenience functions stop working correctly.
Restart the set’s electronic system:

  1. Disconnect the power supply by removing the battery from the set.
  2. For each seat with function, press one button for three seconds to discharge the residual voltage.
  3. Place the charged battery back in the upholstery set.
  4. Wait five minutes for the system to boot fully.
  5. Fully open and close ALL electrically adjustable seats and headrests.

This allows the system to detect the position of the motors. Profiles of your convenience functions that are saved remain unaffected by this restart.

3. The electrical functions do not move – what can I do?

If the electrical functions on your upholstered furniture are defective, please follow the steps listed here.

4. Can I have manual functions converted to electrical functions at a later date?

Manual functions cannot be converted to electrical functions or vice versa. For modular upholstered furniture (currently furniture items with crocodile connectors), you can, however, purchase additional modules, which can be equipped with manual or with electrical functions.

5. while I was operating the electric riser, the power went out. What do I have to do now?

In the rare event that power fails or is interrupted during exit or seat closure, the ride cannot be continued or saved. The system must then be reinitialized. To do this, please open the function completely to the reclining function and then retract the seat again.