Dismantling single pieces


In this section, we have put together everything you need to know about dismantling single pieces of furniture. Single pieces of furniture are items such as armchairs or sofas that are made up of only one element. Even though they can be assembled much easier and faster than element groups, you should make sure to observe the following notes and the information in the “Before dismantling” section. Dismantling element groups is, however, relatively straightforward: the procedure is similar to dismantling but in the reverse order.


1. Disconnect the connectors!

For all upholstered furniture with electrical convenience functions, first disconnect the power supply by unplugging all mains plugs.

2. Installation manual reference document

The main reference for the dismantling of element groups is the individual installation manuals. These A4 sheets are attached underneath each individual element before delivery. One installation manual and possibly an accessories set is provided for each element.

The installation manual also shows what type of element the element is and how it is completed and assembled, so that you can tell which installation manual matches which seat element. An installation manual could look as follows, for example, for an external seat element:

The small illustration in the top left indicates that the element is an external right seat element (dark rectangle “K001 UNO Right”).

3. Detach all loose elements

For some projects, it may not be necessary to detach all individual elements. For more extensive projects, for example if you are moving house, we recommend unscrewing and removing all protruding parts.

⇒ Important! Precautionary measures when detaching loose elements

  • Protect your floor! Place blankets or similar underneath the seat element.
  • Work with at least one other person.

How to detach loose elements

  1. Place the seat element in the position shown in the installation manual. This will generally be the back or the side.
  2. Detach the loose elements as described in the installation manual.
  3. Be sure to store all elements, including screws and other materials, carefully!
  4. For models with crocodile connections, the backrest is not affixed to the seat element. To separate the backrest and seat, simply lift the backrest up out of the seat element.