General notes on manual functions

To operate a function correctly, please note the following aspects and also read through the notes in the corresponding product declarations thoroughly. All functions are installed in such a way that they cannot pose any hazard when operated correctly.

The following information should be observed at all times:

  • Always ensure that your upholstered furniture, and especially function-related parts (e.g. electrical components and hinges), do not come into contact with wetness or moisture.
  • Extended foot and head parts may be damaged if exposed to inappropriate loads; do not sit on the foot or head parts.
  • The relax function is approved and functional up to a maximum load of 140 kg per seat. The Relax functions are approved for two persons for seat widths of 100cm and above. The maximum load is then 220kg.
  • Warning: Crushing hazard! When a convenience function opens or closes, people or animals can be injured and property can be damaged:

      • Before opening and closing, ensure that the travel path of the moving parts and fittings is clear.
      • Keep your fingers out of the hazard zone of fittings and scissor mechanisms.
      • Ensure that convenience functions are only used by adults.
      • Only use the convenience functions of your upholstery set if you can fully see all moving parts.