General information on leather covers


Leather is a natural product, a skin: it “lives and breathes”. Leather has typical characteristics, which vary according to the type and quality of the leather. These include colouring and growth marks that are absolutely characteristic for leather. Hides that are less processed will display these characteristics in a more pronounced way and the leather will be more sensitive. Equally, the leather coating will then be softer and smoother and will absorb heat more quickly.

Our leather is made from the hides of free-roaming cattle. Each animal has a unique story, which is evident in the hide in the form of scars, insect bites, stretch marks, veining and branding marks. We have chosen to use a near-natural tanning process, so some of these features may be visible in your new sofa. They represent the genuine nature of the leather and do not constitute grounds for a complaint:

Stretch marks


Colour variations


Graining Scars


Branding marks


Branding marks






Additional characteristic features of leather covers include:


  • Sitting marks: Shading in the seat (“sitting marks”) is a normal sign of use. You can counteract this with regular maintenance care.


  • Leather scent: Entirely normal at first, dissipates over time.


  • Drying out: In dry rooms, leather is particularly prone to drying out. If the rooms reach high temperatures, ensure adequate humidity and wipe your upholstered furniture with a spray-moistened cloth at least once a week.


  • Staining: Be aware that many items of clothing (especially jeans) can stain your leather. This discolouration is not comparable with normal soiling. It is in no way a fault in the cover material and is the result of a fault in the clothing fabric. Conversely, leather can in rare cases cause slight staining. Do not position your sofa directly up against the wall and use a white cloth to check for potential staining, especially in the case of red leather.


  • Fading: Ensure that your upholstered furniture is not exposed to direct sunlight! Covers made from natural materials are particularly prone to fading.


  • Wrinkling: Sofas are made from soft upholstery material. In the first weeks, slight wrinkling in the sitting and back area and a change in the firmness of the seat can be observed, as the cover material stretches slightly while the upper layer of the padding is slightly compressed. This is normal and does not constitute grounds for a complaint. Rub the cover smooth, to the left and to the right towards the armrests.